Speencenter S3 E13-Sunday Funday and the Week 1 Breakdown

Football is back! Can I get an amen! were doing week 1 of the NFL season breaking down all the match ups. I’ve been drinking through out the weekend of the great return. life is on the up swing!  time to put on your pot of chili and fart your way through another glorious season of #NFL football. the weather is starting to change but as the weather turns for the weary #speencenter takes its turn in the right direction, upwards we march towards the frozen pizzas and wing sauce covered Sundays. Every season gives us an excuse to drink mass quantities but no season like football season lets you feel okay about being drunk before the church bells ring. time put on your winter coats and hide your flesh. Drinking is encouraged, fun is guaranteed and most of all listen to #Speencenter every Thursday because it is always best when it is fresh. #NFL #SundayFunday #Speencenter #Fall

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