Speencenter S3 E10- Power Rankings! Nascar Footprint, Riooooo!

Ever spent time wandering down weird avenues of your mind and find yourself stumbling upon the idea of Nascar and their big ass carbon footprint. You might be thinking to yourself Surely you can’t be serious? I am serious and don’t call me Shirley! along with that we discuss football power rankings, nothing better then break down the teams especially with football right around the cornerĀ  its good stuff and the best place to get your facts straight. Rio Olympics are in full thrust and taking down all the innocentĀ  bystanders that get in it’s wake, Michael Phelps wake that is. It’s Sports meet Speen thus creating the bliss that is Speencenter! it’s a good time to be breathing. My podcast is for fun and enjoyment on my end and I hope for all my ears out in the world, I just want to vibrate good vibes through your ear drums make your heart flutter and your mind expand. listening to me is the best way to get your sports scoop in a new fresh fun way keep tuning into #Speencenter for my weekly podcast check out the website for cool videos along with upcoming interviews. It’s happening baby and you don’t want to miss out. Call in, Drop a line, make my hotline bling if you feel like it I’m ready for ya world #Speencenter #Olympics #Nascar #NFL

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