About Speencenter

Hello beautiful world it’s Spencer Shepard of Speencenter coming to you live through the wire trying to make sure you vibrate higher! I’m a guy that loves sports and pop culture my modus operandi is to feel good and push out laughter humility and knowledge through the airwaves. If you are a long time listener to Speencenter I appreciate the continued support if you’re new to this thang! Don’t worry you can catch up on all the Speencenter and listen to all the new as it arrives. Obviously when the podcast first comes out is the best time to tune in because like everything in life it is always best when it’s fresh. I hope you enjoy my personality, if you have comments questions critiques a burning drive to know more about the essence of Speen then holla at me baby! You can find me on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/speencenter/

I’m on Twitter at #speencenter https://twitter.com/speencenter you can leave comments on all my podcast at my website www.speencenter.com If you want to have a chance to be the listener question of the week drop me a line 1 (360) 602-1719

Thanks for listening, keep lovin’ livin’ stay ten toes down and remember to tune in every monday for your weekly dose of #Speencenter !!!!!


Sincerely, Spencer Shepard